Sunday, November 7, 2010

to the Universe,

Since the library closes at 9:00 on Fridays, and I do actually have some boundaries for when I stop studying, for Guy Fawkes Night, we had fireworks and a bonfire down at Ocean Beach. And watched V for Vendetta. I miss England, I love England, I'm going back there soon.
Despite my obvious penchant for melodrama, I see myself as an adult. This is largely because the first time someone told me I was “mature” was in 1989, right before my third birthday. For the last twenty years, and on a semi-regular basis, I have heard similar descriptions from roommates, employers, boyfriends, and near strangers. That being said, school was tough for me this week. "Adulthood" just isn't cutting it. The deepest, most honest desires of this very mature, budding legal professional are as follows:
  1. A corn dog. Maybe two.
  2. A Peter Pan DVD.
  3. A back scratch.
Please see what you can do,

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  1. i'm glad a picture of me with that awesome miley cyrus brand shirt made it on your blog. too bad you missed the burning of guy. brittney, will you stop being so dang busy at law school and starting being more busy being my friend? k thanks.


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