Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Berkeley,

Last night Mackenzie came to the city for dinner. And then I went back to Berkeley with her. And then I accidentally stayed all day because when Kenz was at work and I wasn't wearing shades, I got SO much civ pro done.
I love San Francisco, and I am so glad that I live there. It took me a few weeks to warm up to the idea, and even a few more weeks to start feeling at home, but I'm looking forward to spending a couple years here. That said, riding BART to the East Bay feels like hugging towels fresh out of the dryer. You are a great escape, and I love you.



  1. yay!! you love San Francisco!! yay! now I can gush about it's greatness with you, and you won't frown! can't wait for your finals to be over so we can play!!

  2. I would have never thought of the BART as warm & fuzzy... But, I'm very glad you're lovin' San Fran! Good luck with finals, Babes!

  3. This might sound like I'm coming on to you('cause obviously), but I love our twin posts and you look cute in my "Risky Business" shades. We should probably have boys in our next post.

  4. britt, your blog is adorable. good luck at law school! love your list of things you love about san francisco. it's one of my favourite US cities too! ^_^ (i live in vancouver, bc canada though)

  5. Let's just hug towels...vlc forever


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