Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa,

my roommates put Christmas in our living room while we watched White Christmas. I sat on the couch and worked on my criminal law outline... yes, I can see how that makes me a terrible roommate.
This year for Christmas I'd like some guilt-free free time. I want to read Catcher in the Rye and the Economist. And nestle in bed watching movies. And start filling out job/internship applications for the summer. I'll eat hummus and and drink hot chocolate, and not really care about anything except for how I'm going to decorate my apartment and what I'm going to wear on New Years Eve. I think my (hilarious and beautiful) friend Molly has it right: the problem isn't so much that I have no free time - it's that I feel guilty for every single second that I don't spend studying. This year for Christmas, it would be great it just relax.



  1. have you read catcher in the rye before? i have a love hate relationship with it. it's one everyone should read.

  2. hummus and hot chocolate? together? really?

    miss you.

  3. Dearest one:

    I have looked over my list and could you remind me of the propper spelling of your name...see i have looked on both of my lists, and well, i cant seem to find you on either one...i do hope this doesnt inconvienance your holidays...
    regretfully yours, Santa


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