Tuesday, December 21, 2010

last week,

On Tuesday night me and Paul went to the Nutcracker (side note: the first time the Nutcracker was performed in America, it was by the San Francisco ballet, in the War Memorial Opera House, where we saw it) and we went to In N Out for dinner.
Sometimes my life is exactly the way I want it to be. That was you:

30 Rock
Conservative propaganda
Spanish and English poetry
Sleeping in for four days in a row
Christmas shopping in Union Square
Cetaphil lotion and Aquaphor lip salve (yay accutane)
Not having to tie my shoes
Seeing movies that remind me of London
Food that tastes so good it makes you want to be a better person
No homework
A train ride home
And an earnest and insatiable love
of good company.



  1. i love you. also, i don't know if i told you but austin in in ithaca right now and will be there until he comes home! and i've been reading your comments. if by "the city" you mean either mud lake or idaho falls i am here and will be here for days. i will call the day after christmas.

  2. As a law student, you should know that it's Paul and I, not me and Paul. :) I sincerely hope that you, at this moment and for several days before and after, are doing absolutely nothing and letting your brain rot.

  3. movies that remind you of London <3

    i seriously have so much love for you!

    Merry Noel.


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