Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mrs. Palsgraf -

Hilarious, though poorly designed, t-shirt from here, Mrs. Palsgraf's story can be found here. She's kind of big deal in Tort law.
Two days ago I saved a document that reminded me of you. It was completely unrelated to anything regarding causation, proximate cause, or even tort law and I called it "Paul's Graph." I am still cracking up about it. Days later. Like an eight-year-old boy in a room full of whoopie cushions. Though I usually appreciate a good pun, law school has clearly warped my sense of humor.

glad we could discover that together,


  1. I love that case. It's one of the few I actually remember...we definitely need more torts cases involving fireworks. We read a case in contracts (??? Or maybe it was property??) about a guy getting electrocuted on top of Monticello Apartments in Provo which was pretty awesome because 1. everyone knows Monticello is ghetto and so seeing written proof of it was sweet and 2. reading about people getting electrocuted somehow makes law school feel worth it.

  2. i miss you. i love all the sweet comments that you write to me. they make my day. also, remember that day i came to your house, there was a blizzard outside, and your family made waffles for my brother and me and we had chocolate milk from reed's dairy? maybe we can meet up in idaho again. i hope.


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