Saturday, January 15, 2011

hello, again, San Francisco,

Last night I went to the Container Store for some under-the-bed storage, and this morning I went to the Ribbonerie (this is the wall by the register); two stores I could have stayed in for hours.
On the night before my very first day of law school, I dreamed I was on an express train in England going to Hogwarts School of Law. As I landed at SFO last week, I wasn't headed to Hogwarts (in large part because I'm no Hermione Granger) but I felt I was somewhere just as magical. It's hard to imagine how my Christmas break could have been more perfect, but I am happy to be back in this city with ribbon stores, great theater, and delicious chicken quesadillas.



  1. please tour me through your SanFran life.

  2. britt!!! I have totally been here! it's not far from my abode :) I remember thinking: "a store full of RIBBONS?! aweeeesome" and awesome it was. this city truly is amazing.

  3. Actually you are very much hermione.

  4. Second time this week I have read and viewed images of this beautiful store. Easily, hours could be spent there!

  5. When I come to San Fran, can we go here?


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