Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Thursday Nights,

This is a picture from the back of my classroom. It's from last semester's criminal law class, but all my classes are in here. By the way, Legal Writing, Civil Procedure and Contracts are continuing from last semester, and I'm also taking Criminal Procedure and Property. We start Moot Court in a few weeks.
Thank you for bringing back 30 Rock and Community and Modern Family. I’ve been waiting for so long, and in the meantime, I've been drowning in summer internship applications. As I reason through cover letters and read job descriptions, I can hear myself saying some pretty hilarious stuff. For example: “Sure I could live in [not fun place] this summer,” or “I guess I could be interested in [not fun law]” What a [not funny] joke. As it turns out, I need you in my life to help maintain perspective on what is actual comedy and what is just laughable.



  1. I'm glad you posted this on a Thursday :)

  2. what a [not funny] joke.
    that quote reminds me of anna from london.
    love her. love you.

  3. You should also watch Archer, which is on at the same time as 30 Rock, but deserves (and receives) the italics indicative of genius. Record 30 Rock and watch it later; it doesn't need your ratings help the way that Archer does.

    You're great.

  4. parks and rec!! come on!! community isn't even very funny... what is law school doing to you?

  5. oh my...those suits are beautiful! i just love your advice. also, i'm glad to have met paul, especially if he is spring break worthy.

  6. this picture looks scarily like the one I'm sitting in now. international comm from 6-9 on wednesdays is not as fun as it actually sounds.


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