Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Cherry Chap Stick,

Accutane makes my lips so unspeakably dry that at any given point in the day I have an assortment of lip balm, lip gloss, Eucerin, and Neosporin all within grabbing distance. I have spares in my backpack, in the pockets of all my coats, in my locker, next to my bed, and scattered throughout my house. But last night I when left to meet Burke (who I haven't seen this this ballet) at the Ferry Building for dinner + some macaroons, I was so excited I forgot to do my usual double check for chap stick.
After 20 minutes without moisturizing protection on my lips, the corners of my mouth started to crack open, and I had to visit the Fairmont gift shop to buy some chap stick. At first I wasn't all that interested: Cherry flavor always seemed a little juvenile, and it kinda remind me of that Katy Perry song. But I like you a lot now. Actually, when I got home, I found some Eucerin in my coat, hidden away like a painful memory in a secret, zipper-closing, rarely accessed pocket. I have no idea how it got there, but I’m glad I didn’t know about it because you’re a nice addition to my already ample arsenal against chapped lips.



  1. Oh man- I get those cracks in the corners of my mouth when I am doing a lot of running. They are so hard to heal and hurt like heck! I hate them. But I recently made a discovery. Lansinoh nipple cream (that lanolin stuff for breastfeeders) is the BEST for that! I know it's weird, but it is so concentrated and it stays on for a long time. you will love it...if you don't mind the corners of your mouth always being a little shiny!

  2. I have either cherry or strawberry Chap Stick in every bag/purse/coat pocket I own. ;)


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