Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Mango Mochi Ice Cream -

my phone was dead so I couldn't snap a picture, but this is exactly what mine looked like.
Last night while we were outlining Civil and Criminal Procedure, Aly said she wanted some sushi. I, of course, have been craving sushi since Christmas, but haven't made the time in the semester to get any. We went to a little sushi bar right by my place, and for dessert I asked, "What's mochi?" Turns out you, Mango Mochi Ice Cream, are amazing. You took something that I've dedicated years and years getting to know pretty well (ice cream) and presented it in a whole new way. Delicious. New favorite food. So glad we got to know each other. Marry me a little.



  1. Mochi ice cream was the best discovery I made on my mission... oh, besides all that good church-related stuff. :) So basically, it's the best secular thing that happened to me on my mission. There. I said it. Now I miss Hong Kong.

  2. I feel like I've failed you as a friend. How have we not had this already?!
    Also, only eat mochi ice cream. If offered any other kind of mochi, the odds are high that it will be kind of gross. Personal opinion of course.


  3. i have only myself to blame. we never made it to trader joes together, where i would have introduced you to mochi. but i'm glad someone is picking up the slack.

  4. ummm i LOVE mochi.

    can i come to san fran and dine w/ u?!

  5. Just wait till you try mochi that is not dessert... they say old people choke and die from it, and you won't find it too hard to believe. :)

  6. mmmmmmmochi. the asians have it down!


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