Tuesday, February 15, 2011

to Winter-

today's favorite rain music, though Norah has been my favorite since I was 14.
You are different in San Francisco than you were in Utah and Idaho. For the last few days it's been 50 degrees, and it has rained almost constantly. I've been trying to think positively about a lot of things (I'm looking at you, new workout plan), and these are some things I've liked about you this year:
  • Soup - Amy's Kitchen and the soups on campus
  • The sunny days
  • Waking up/falling asleep to the sound of rain against my windows
  • Thunder
  • Good "oh, it's raining" music
  • Nestling in bed
  • Rain boots
  • Goals
  • Layers
  • Hot chocolate
  • Dark nights
  • Coming home
  • Going home
  • Visitors

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