Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear BYU,

This is me and Paul at Disneyland by the Matterhorn. Yes, those are Minnie ears. It's fine; they're awesome. Throughout the week we also went to the Getty Museum, the beach a couple times, a show we love in LA, we went to church, watched all the Back to the Futures (I'd never seen them before) and a couple other movies, ate good food. etc.
The middle of February to the middle of March is the worst month of the year. At BYU this time suffers from two injuries: terrible weather by an act of God, and a terrible schedule by an act of man. It’s not quite spring, it’s freezing but there’s no snow, it still gets dark at like 2:30 in the afternoon, you’re just starting to feel bogged down with school work – and if you’re at BYU, you don’t get a break until summer. No Spring Break. Well, I just had the first Spring Break of my adult life, and those things are the best idea ever. You should definitely look into those. They're great.



  1. SO jealous right now. also, how had you not seen the back to the futures yet?! i'm glad paul has remedied that for you. loves.

  2. SOoo jealous! Looks like you're having fun. I had a dream about you the other night. I miss your face! I hope you are loving life and San Fran is treating you well. <3 s

  3. The fact that you had not seen Back to the Future before now makes me feel like a failure of a roommate, considering they are my FAVORITE. Also, Disneyland is great, and Minnie ears are totally acceptable.

  4. yeah on the back to the futures thing


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