Thursday, March 17, 2011

Microsoft Word -

In unrelated news: since I don't drink alcohol, I decided to drink a yummy float from Bi-Rite for St. Patrick's Day. It's a fresh squeezed blood orange soda float. holy smokes. delicious.
My Property notes (are less coherent and) have more typos per sentence than a second-grader’s report on a book she hasn’t read. Sure we can attribute a fair number of those typos to my typing skills, but we should also acknowledge that your refusal to accept words like “availment” “foreseeability” “reverter” and “defeasible” takes a toll on my “misspelled” words. Last month I was frantically taking down every word Professor Kaswan said, and a little notification popped up that I’ve never seen before basically saying, “There are so many typos in this document that we’re not going to keep track of them anymore. We’ve had enough.”

Please start letting me add words to my Word dictionary. This is embarrassing.


  1. that float looks so awesome. i cant even remember what i was thinking about before i saw that.

  2. i totally want to see the notification that popped up saying they'd had enough. classic. also, that float does look pretty stellar.

  3. I think you can.

    And also, all I want in life is that float. oh my gosh. I can't even explain it.


  4. oh man, you and me both. When cree talks law talk it goes in ear and out the other. :)


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