Tuesday, March 1, 2011

note to self:

Since Anisha's moving we all went on a walk together on a walk to Delores. This picture is from Paul (some cool... panoramic app on his phone) from when he and I were there last week.
Sometimes the little things can wear you down: It's impossible to find time to do laundry. There's no food in the kitchen. It's really cold in your bedroom. One of your roommates moves out. Etc. All those things feel like little welts and paintball splatters across your back. Then, like today, you realize you're a few days into a week-long final exam and still up to your neck in legal theory that you may or may not understand. That feels like a bazooka to the face, and the little things don't get to you so much. But you'll be fine.

Just roll up your sleeves. Do your best.


  1. Agreed! Do your best and expect the Lord to make up the rest. Hang in there sista! It'll be worth it when you're through. :D Love ya bunches!

  2. There are at least two boxes of Golden Grahams left in the kitchen.

  3. I guess that means you won't be going to Baths this weekend...

  4. Hey you! I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I hope things are going well. Hang in there, I have absolute confidence in your ability to do this. :)

  5. If anyone can do it, it's you- no lie.


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