Friday, April 15, 2011


Thank you for letting me use your computer cord when I forget to bring mine to school - which is often. Thanks for bringing it even when you don't need it, because you know I'll forget mine and need yours. I'm so glad that we both love Siena, and that in 2007 she married Miles and wanted us to be her bridesmaids. We were both blonder then, and knew so much less about the Statute of Frauds. Now, not only do we know about the Statute of Frauds, but we also know what makes a contract enforceable even if it isn't in writing. I'm sure it goes without saying how exciting it was to learn about all that this morning sitting next to you. You are the best. My computer and I would be powerless without you.



  1. awhhh I heart you x a million. and stop killing trees. just sayin'.

  2. This is sweet! I don't know Aly, but I'm sure she is wonderful.

    You look stunning in red! :)

  3. Don't you LOVE the friends that have your back??? I mean we couldn't live without 'em! Thanks, Aly, for being there for our Britt!


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