Friday, April 22, 2011

to Will and Amy,

I wanted to show a picture of my haircut (p.s. it was the cheapest haircut of my entire life. $15. amazing) but this is the only picture I have of myself from the last three weeks. yikes. I gotta get out more.
I got my hair cut a while ago; It was just a tiny trim, barely noticeable, no big deal. Still. Thank you for noticing that I got my hair cut; it's nice to feel noticed.



  1. oh my goodness. i love your family. but mostly you. (no offense to your family...) oh and i miss you terribly.

  2. i am happy about the wreath still being a part of your home in april and i love that your family looks like they are dressed for idaho in california (at least from a californian's perspective).

  3. And you ARE so noticeable! You look like a babe in this picture! You're family is darling too!

  4. I like how my polar bear has sunglasses :)


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