Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Tina Fey,

Happy Cinqo de Mayo everybody. I had a fish tacos for lunch and a tamale for dinner because I will take advantage of any excuse to justify eating Mexican food (i.e. "huh.. I really want some tacos" is sufficient).
First of all, I am in love with you.

Second of all, yesterday was my last day of class. No more 1L classes. And I have a two-week "Finals Period" ahead of me that will eventually come to be known by it's real name, "Clinical Recurrent Depressive Disorder." In season 2 of 30 Rock, Tracy walks into his dressing room and says to his entourage, "Pay attention to me! I'm inconsolable!" And that's exactly how I feel right now. As I flip through Contracts flashcards and weep over Property sample essay questions, I'm developing "Pay attention to me! I'm inconsolable!" into a mantra. It isn't something that I'm proud if, but in lieu of a more sophisticated coping mechanism, it's the best I can do.

In conclusion, I just want to quit law school and read Bossypants.



  1. Are attending law school and reading Bossypants mutually exclusive? Because you might be reading wrong.

  2. I have been wanting to read Bossypants forever. I checked at the library and there are 93 people on the holds list ahead of me. Dang.

    Law school sounds tough. You'll get through it! And Tina Fey will help!

  3. We should get rid of Property in 1L curriculum and instead have a course on "having it all" aka Tina Fey. In that class everyone would get As without having to study.

    Also, just think in two weeks you will be DONE with 1L and you will never ever ever ever have such horribleness {in law school} ever again. Then you can celebrate being a 2L and all the benefits that come with 2Lness (smaller dark bags under the eyes, smiling twice a week, not crying when you hear the words "fail" or "the curve" [which makes it hard to watch the Biggest Loser because those words are said a LOT], and overall awesomeness). But, good luck with exams!!

  4. I bought Bossypants. It's in the stack to read. Did Tina Fey get an arm job? Also, did you know I'm English major now? Yep. Love you britt.

  5. britt. like we've told each other a million times already: the ridiculous number of ways we're similar freaks me out. I literally am SO. over. reading. right now. and the only book on my summer read list is Bossypants. twinsies.

    also, I had mexican food 4 times in the past week. no big deal.

  6. britt - i hope you remember me and don't mind my periodic blog stalking. i have two things to say that probably won't be helpful at all:

    1) it's true, finals period makes you truly inconsolable. next year will be better - you won't care as much.

    2) consider picking up bossypants before finals are over. it's a quick read! just kidding - stick to studying.

    good luck with finals. just think, after next year, you only have one year left. that's what i've been telling myself, and it seems to be working well.

  7. That tamale looks so good I think I can hear myself drooling.



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