Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hey strangers, (3/3)

Full double rainbow on the train ride home. It's somewhere in Nevada, but it made me miss my neighborhood.
I knew I would miss my bed, I knew I'd miss Ike's, I knew I'd miss my friends. I had no idea I would miss you and your inordinately loud emotions. Thanks for all the good times. We'll see you in a little while.

- steadfast Castro local


  1. does this mean you will be in idaho for the next while? i do hope so. i would love to stop by. we could take a walk in a park, hit up a wedding reception, eat food, etc. let me know. i will be in idaho lots because my brother is getting married. and you know, it's idaho in the summertime and i hate to miss out on that.

  2. Of course you would miss your bed. You spent, like, five thousand dollars on it.


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