Monday, May 2, 2011

to anyone I actually come in contact with today -

I was going to take a picture of my puffy eyelid, but this was the picture that was up on my photobooth. so I posted this instead because look at Steve's mustache. Me and Sammy could not stop laughing.
I'm sick, which is perfect since, apart from the royal wedding coverage, I already hate my last-week-of-class life. My left eyelid appears to be staging an invasion attack on the rest of my face, my throat hurts, and I'm all kinds of congested, and I think I might have a fever. It is not my fave. I had some chicken (curry) noodle soup so I'm feeling better, but you should wash your hands, because I don't want you to get this.



  1. Yup... Steve's mustache... well... leaves me speechless...

  2. even as horrible as all of that sounds, i still wish i was still coming into contact with you today. feel better!

  3. The mustache is gone now! Hope your cold is too:)


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