Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pam Dixon (Michelson),

1. I went four wheeling this weekend with my family and Paul. Do not let this picture mislead you. I almost never drove. 2. Ash - totally thought of you the whole time. We need to go do that together. 3. I have mixed feelings about wearings a Cubbies hat when I love the Giants so much and this post is about the Angels.
I'm sure you've heard this before, but this weekend I watched Angels in the Outfield, and I must say, great job casting Adrien Brody, Matthew MacConaughey, and Joseph Gordon Levitt all in one movie before they became super famous... seriously, amazing. I'm also excited to go see Green Lantern, which you were also the casting director for. You're the best, thanks for everything.

- appreciator of handsome men in classic movies


  1. yes yes yes! let's do. i went to the sand dunes this last week with my fam.

  2. And lets not forget christopher lloyd!! I have a real soft spot for that eccentric man.

  3. ahhhh of course! I have never thought to thank a casting director, but I will definitely consider it in the future! xxx

  4. i had NO idea all 3 of them were in that movie! I must go back and watch immediately!

    And...I am also excited to see that movie! I'm so glad it comes out before I leave...

    unlike Harry Potter :( :(

  5. wha? i HAVE to see that again. "it could happen." LOVE it.

  6. you look fabulous in your picture living your glamorous school free summer far away, but i would like to lodge a complaint. just because you are with your family doesn't mean there aren't others who want to know what you are up to. please post a post. even if it's a post to complain about geeky old ladies in northern california.


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