Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear San Francisco,

photo of morning bun at Tartine from my dad
I'm back. And it feels so good.

- your prodigal daughter - who returned to a robe, a ring, and a fatted calf (and bread pudding, Ike's, clam chowder, a carnitas taco, and balsamic strawberry ice cream).


  1. hooray! I return tomorrow. my goal for this year is to make you spend less time with high school and more time having fun with me.

  2. Balsamic strawberry ice cream? I cannot believe that even exists, and now the only goal I have for the rest of my life is to try some.

  3. Haha! San Francisco missed you A LOT! I swear I could hear it crying your name from every corner. I'm so pleased you are back in my presence!


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