Sunday, August 28, 2011


Friday I had dinner with my friends from school, and I got to eat some delicious food and  hear some hilarious travel stories. Saturday I went to an outdoor movie in Union Square with my friends from the ward. I'd never seen Roman Holiday before, and it is adorable.
Thanks for taking care of me the past few months, and thanks for checking up on me during the first week. Things I forgot over the summer:
  • Four hours feels like an eternity when you only read 36 pages. In related news, hearsay is not my fave and "a brief history of American accounting, finance, and auditing" did not feel "brief."

  • My hair gets bigger in humidity - not Monica big, but still.

  • I love USF and the people I go to school with.

  • It is wonderful to be in school with women (52% of the students) and be taught by women (3/4 of my professors).

  • I'm registered for 600-level classes. Yikes.

- your favorite older thithter


  1. Ya hair is lookin' vary big today!
    p.s. you are the hottest babe on the first floor

  2. I watched Flight of the Conchords today and I thought of you. Couldn't help but wonder if you still get in to sandwiches in a big way.

  3. I wished you lived in Colorado.

  4. I loved and respected my women professors... one of them completely changed my life for the better and I still get to work with her to this day. Love it. Women are beings of influence for good.


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