Saturday, September 3, 2011


Went to Sunnyvale with Aly and Tyler (that's us in the picture) to see Siena, Miles, and Cyrus. I love the heck out of these people. And I wish I could describe how wonderful it feels to have an In N Out picnic with incredible people that you have loved for years. It is the very best kind of comfortable. 
I was so pleased to meet you (you are such a happy little man!) and thank you for sharing your parents this weekend. I could not stop smiling on the drive back to San Francisco, and the warmth I felt from our time together has stayed in my heart for days.

Love you,
your mom’s college roommate


  1. I can't wait until this letter is addressed to my little terd! And until my terd is as happy as this baby!

  2. I love this! <3 and i love you! and cyrus! and tyler! and siena! ok. i'm going to stop with all this love, it's even making ME sick. but great pic -- i already stole it. i'm glad you could come with us :)


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