Thursday, September 1, 2011

Justice Scalia,

Today I asked a stranger to take this picture for me because OMG MY SCHOOL HAS BABY BUSTER'S HAND CHAIR.
It’s been years since a book kept me up at night (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), but this week I stayed up reading Constitutional Law until 1:00 because I got seven sentences into your Heller opinion, and wondered how you were going to convince me that Americans have a constitutional right to carry guns. Coincidentally, in the three days after reading Heller, I read almost 80 pages of opinions you've written over the years, mostly your hearsay cases. You, Your Honor, are brilliant. By the end of your opinions I find myself thinking, "Wait... how did I get here? Am I agreeing with Justice Scalia right now?"

- Con Law Convert


  1. Haha! Buster's hand chair! You're so lucky!

  2. ok but seriously. there are many things i love about this. namely the arrested development reference, but more than that... Scalia is mad smart. and it makes me angry, because my gut typically disagrees with almost everything he says, yet I read his arguments they (mostly) seem to make perfect, reasonable sense. (also Christine and I just talked aout this: the word "reasonable" has infiltrated almost every convo i've had since i've started law school). yay for law school, hand chairs, and reasonableness.

  3. Hot. The gun stuff and the picture (not necessarily in that order).


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