Friday, September 16, 2011


This is me with my plastic surgeon - he was the sweetest. And even though we had to wait like two hours for him to get out of surgery, I didn't care because A) he was so nice and B) the ER doctor said it would be worth the wait so the scaring will be minimal.
What I planned for Friday:
9:00 - Constitutional law
12:10 - Pick up sandwiches at Ike’s and leave for Carmel
4:00 - Spend the rest of the day reading First Amendment cases at the beach

I didn’t plan for this, but it happened anyway:
- Car accident
- Blood
- Crying in the emergency room
- A tetanus shot in the butt
- A plastic surgeon stitching up my face/eye

And I'm sorry I didn't call you first, and I'm sorry you had to hear it third hand, but thank you for leaving that message. I love you,
- damaged


  1. Oh my gosh!! So scary! I hope you are okay!!

  2. WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAT WHAT!!!? I am FREAKING OUT here!! Brittney how could this happen to you!? Oh my goodness this is the worst news! I'm going to accost you at church tomorrow!

  3. Wow - sounds scary! I hope everything is okay!

  4. britt oh my gosh! this is crazy! now we'll be matching plastic surgery face friends!

  5. Britt! This makes me scared/ sad for you. I hope you are alright!

  6. I hope you are okay! How scary!

  7. Britt! Britt! I'm hoping you're alright!

  8. Oh my word girlfriend, this is scary! What happened? Like everyone else said- I hope you are okay! Best wishes and a quick recovery and healing. :D

  9. i'm so glad you are ok! get well so soon.


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