Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To everyone who inquired, called, texted, emailed, messaged, stopped by, hugged me when I cried, bought food, or promised to “kill whoever did this” -

one of my favorite prints ever. from here.
Thank you for taking care of me. When people ask what happened (had some bruises on my face and a sexy limp I got from the torn ligament in my hip) I joke around and say I got in a bar fight. Truth be told, it didn't feel funny all the time, and I had a teeny bit of anxiety the last week and a half. The thing I miss the most from my pre-accident life is feeling safe. Yes, I can hear how dramatic I’m being right now. The point is, your words of concern have helped me feel safer, so thank you.

- drama queen


  1. brittney horman. i have to tell you that i read your blog every now and then and i LOVE it. you make me laugh out loud. and...you were wearing a cubs hat in one picture and i am now a cubs fan. i also think about the time i saw you in idaho falls about...2 years ago? who even knows anymore! you are always so kind and happy! i love your enthusiasm and i'm grateful that you have a blog so i can stalk your life every now and then :] i hope all is well and you are recovering from your wreck...no good! take care!! -tina

  2. So, I don't know you, but I now know you through Sophie Barth Young. She recommended I check out your blog. Love it. My heart kind of aches for you - so sorry about your accident! Glad people were there to take care of you, and I LOVE this print.

    New fan.


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