Tuesday, September 20, 2011

to my little blue stitches,

illustration from here
Thank you for keeping me together this weekend – but I don’t miss you very much. Whenever I smiled or laughed I could feel you tugging at my skin, which actually made being happy less pleasant than usual. Anyway, after the doctor threw you away, he replaced you with a special tape that I have to wear every day until Thanksgiving. I also have to wear a hat whenever I go outside or the sun will tattoo the scars you left behind.

- girl who is about to become a hat person. And you can call me a hipster, but I’m going to buy a fedora.


  1. I hope you're okay! Also, I love how you are still hilarious even when tragedy strikes - that makes you triply awesome (is triply a word? Now it is). Wear that fedora with pride.

  2. Oh hats! This could be so much fun Brittany! How about you start ebaying for great hats and I'll let you know if I run across one that you would love? Yes?

  3. Seriously Britt. We need to have some more personal communication (which, naturally, is why I'm posting on your blog).
    Every time you post details (like blue stitches?), I feel like we're even more connected because I can say, "Hey, I did that too!"

    Also, every time I walk into Gap, I try to find a reason to need this hat, and I find none. You, however, have one. And I swear it's 100x cuter in person.

    Also, I fully support you wearing a fedora. I've been debating getting one for YEARS. Literally.


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