Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Berkeley,

Katie and Grandma - sorry it took so long to post this, these were our Halloween costumes. Chris was Fidel Castro and I was Che Guevara. 
Ever since 1) the Woods got married and 2) Love at First Bite’s display fridge broke (and they stopped making my favorite banana pudding) I haven’t been out to see you as much as last year. But the Berkeley Halloween party reminded me of all the good times we had together. Thanks for everything (and please bring back the banana pudding).

- Che 


  1. I think Chris looks more like a Dominican.

  2. Awesome. Also, remember how I was at that Halloween dance last year? More importantly, remember our wonderful sleepover? Oh the good ol' days...

  3. why are you two so cute? NO fair.

  4. Don't tell an Argentine that Che was Cuban...

  5. Britt, I love you. Thank you for calling us "The Woods" - I like that.


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