Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Diary,

this weekend we also made some grilled cheese sandwiches with brie + green apple slices + SF sourdough 
I’m not proud of this, but if I kept a food diary, today’s entry would have looked like this:
  • Three of the best salted caramel chocolate cupcakes ever made from Esther 
  • A fun-sized almond joy from Jackie
  • A handful of brown sugar pumpkin seeds from Jackie
  • A giant pumpkin sugar cookie from Aly
  • Two hard candies (lemon and strawberry) from Professor Greene
  • Snickers Peanut Butter Square from Professor Dahr
  •  Leftover pizza from Little Star
The corresponding feelings diary for today would have looked like this:
  •  I don’t feel awesome... But I am so freaking happy.
- junk food junkie


  1. Junk food junkie, she's a junk food junkie! Before long, She's gonna loose her shine!

  2. Ummm...I am thinking it is time for you to blog again :)

  3. It all sounds absolutely agreeable to me.

  4. love it. Sounds like my diet everyday, haha. Miss you, and Georgetown cupcake.

  5. Ha ha ha... YUM! Brown sugar pumpkin seeds?! How were those?


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