Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey Dad,

I saved this picture to my desktop before my computer crashed. It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year (Che + Fidel Castro). And when we plugged in the external hard drive and restarted my computer, my desktop came up and I knew things weren't so bad because this picture was still saved there. And then I was really pleased that a picture of Castro could be my computer's symbol to me saying, "yeah, we're still here. I know you thought you got rid of us... and you tried your best. But you can't. We're stil here."
First of all, AlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysBackUpYourStuff. Always. And you should also invest in Apple Care if you can. Second of all, this week, like a cave person, I had to bust out a freaking stone tablet and chisel away my notes for Con Law, Wills and Trusts, and Evidence. I did this because my hard drive failed, and I didn’t have a computer for two days. Thank you for getting me that external hard drive for Christmas. Because of that, I still have my notes and outlines, my pictures and post-its, my songs and screenshots. Were this not the case, my only option would have been to drop out of law school and move back in with you guys. So thank you for saving my career.

 - lover of time machines.

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  1. Oh no!!! You gotta be kiddin me!? Did you lose all your folders too? Like even the "W" one!? Well, I'm glad you've handled it like a champ. I love your clever wit!


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