Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Brittney,

this is Chris on our late night doughnut run to Bob's. I've had Bob's before, but never been in person. For reasons not even I understand, seeing the doughnut man squish the dough into the deep frier was the new Best/Happiest/Greatest Moment Ever
This week was a busy one in the Bay Area. Out of necessity, “Do Laundry” became “Eh, Rub a Tide Pen On It And You’ll Be Fine.” And I realized I haven’t been grocery shopping in nine weeks. I know how much you love food, preparing it, eating it, sharing it, talking about it, but I have some bad news: the closest thing I’ve done to “cooking” is A) putting milk in cereal and B) rinsing off berries to put in a salad. Other than that, I haven’t so much as boiled water. But you’re eating well. Not to worry.

- chef brittney


  1. I have this funny little side smirk every time I read your blog because your just so gosh dang witty and fun! I love you for reals. Also, can we please go to Bob's together sometime? I've NEVER had a doughnut from there before and I hear I haven't lived yet.

  2. Haha! This post made me laugh out loud. I really needed that. THANK YOU.

  3. Oodles. That is how I love you.


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