Friday, October 14, 2011

To Hyperbole -

Joe, me, Paul, Kels. This night was basically a picnic flash mob in Golden Gate Park, everyone had to wear white and bring their own four course meal, table settings, chairs, etc. And then we ate/danced for a couple hours. It was freaking sweet. There are more pictures on facebook, but this is my favorite of the four of us. 
I often speak in extremes. Okay: always, I always speak in extremes. And I’ve been told that this can make it hard to know when I actually believe this is the best taco I’ve ever had, or the best movie I’ve ever seen, or the best night of my life. But listen, this weekend, seriously was the greatest weekend of my entire life. And on Friday, I had the most incredible meal I’ve ever had, the weather was absolute perfection, the French band was utterly charming, I could not have enjoyed the company any more than I did. The energy of the dance party was amazing, and I felt like every single one of those thousand-ish people were also having the best night of their lives. If I could add any other superlative to that summary, I would, but that might be going overboard. 

- Le Diner a San Francisco attendee


  1. I get so happy when you blog because it makes me feel like we're still talking to each other all the time. Also, you look fabulous.

  2. I just checked out the facebook page - and it looks like that whole event was made just for you.

  3. Captain Pete Tacos! Ahahahahaha

  4. I'm obsessed with this/you. This sounds amazing and those pictures are gorgeous. ////end creepy comment


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