Monday, November 14, 2011


My brother is going on a mission to Madagascar, and he’ll be gone before I come home for Christmas break. So he came to visit.
Thanks for taking the time to come to visit me. Thanks for picking me up from school for lunch breaks. Thanks for bringing a big book so we could read/work together. Thanks for being cool about how busy I am right now. Thanks for being an adventuresome eater (La Fajita, Ike’s, ice cream, Kasa, Mama’s, Sushi Time, etc). Thanks for going on a mission. Thanks for making me feel like you love me. I love you back, I’m going to miss you while you’re in Madagascar.

your thithter.


  1. that's awesome. andrew served in madagascar.

    if nothing else, it's probably the coolest sounding place to go on a mission. plus, his stories work wonders on our primary kids (they always ask about lemurs).


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