Monday, December 26, 2011

hello family,

Page: thank you for the chocolate chip cookie recipe. You are the absolute best, and I love you. The ninjabread men cookie cutters were my gift to Spencer for Christmas. He got me ALL EIGHT HARRY POTTER MOVIES. My family is the best at gift giving, we love doing it, and we start months in advance. Steve got me a hot chocolate maker and some James Bond movies. Sam gave me my favorite sweat pants and a very sweet letter. Jules got me and Chris matching Perry the Platypus t-shirts since we're about to become the Perrys.

Two hours before Chris and I were supposed to head to Utah, I decided that, as a parting gift, I would leave behind chocolate chip cookies in The Greatest Shape Ever. I miss you, see you for New Years Eve,

- daughter, sister, chocolate chip cookie lover


  1. These are so unbelievably cool.
    Also, I love that your sister bought you perry the platypus tees. So funny.


  2. Darling cookie cutters! Where did you find something so cool?


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