Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kirk and Rebecca

Hilary, Chris, Andrew, and I went to the Tavernacle. They have a dueling pianos show, and the night we went, the performers were insanely talented and hilarious. I can't believe I never went when I was in undergrad. I highly recommend it to anyone within a million miles of SLC.
Thank you for singing "Benny and the Jets" and "Fat Bottomed Girls." Two hours and many Shirley Temples later, I couldn't remember a more enjoyable night than the one I spent with you. I loved singing along, I loved your choreography to "Don't Stop Believing," I loved it all. I'll be back soon. 

-the brunette with Trophy Boy and Devilishly Handsome Andrew

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  1. all i hear about now-a-days in the tavernacle. i'll have to try it out!


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