Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little Brittney,

This is me. I want to say in the first grade. Ish.It's definitely pre-second grade, which was when my teeth and face and hair took a nasty turn for the worst.
Some of your birthdays have not been "the best." (see 17th birthday: having strep throat, a sinus infection, pink eye, and the flu). And even though my license still says, "under 21," I turned 25 this year. And it was the best. birthday. ever. (way better than 18th birthday: when they admitted Dad to the hospital for emergency surgery).
  • I woke up and had presents to open from my grandparents, first thing. Then Mom sent pictures from my (incredibly awkward) childhood. Then a surprise breakfast run. And Dad wrote me a story. And I got to video chat with my family. I love those guys.
  • And then. 
  • Then. 
  • As luck would have it, my birthday fell on a Tuesday. I love Taco Tuesday. Ninety-three percent of the time, Taco Tuesday is the greatest holiday of the week. And rather than just go to one taqueria, Chris took me on a taco tour. We had chicken and pork and fish and steak and red sauce and green sauce and horchata and coke and we walked from taco trucks to restaurants to taquerias. and I was so happy. 
  • And when I came home and my roommates had left out three slices of cake and candles for me, which we shared for breakfast the next day. 
Just keep growing up. You're doing fine. You'll be fine.

- girl with all her grown up teeth (btw, getting my wisdom tooth taken out in a couple weeks... yikes.)


  1. Nooooooo! Say it aint so! Not the wisdom tooth! (really? Only one?)That really is the worst, but at least you have me to hold your hand. Or Chris. I'll let you choose and I won't even be mad if it's not me. Also, CUTE PICTURE!! Wittle Bwittney! So glad your birthday was a success!

  2. you are so so pretty. I'll take you on a taco tour any time.

    and we both lost out to her brother, kaitlin.

  3. happy birthday! and the way you wrote your taco tour is the bestest thing i've read in a long time. seriously.

  4. Pine Grove Elementary kindergarten. Three cheers for Mrs. Nusky! You started and will finish school in northern CA:)

  5. Britt~ Happy Birthday! My how I miss you. It sounds like you had a great one though, food is always my birthday choice. I love you! Come visit us in Armenia please.


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