Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I brought my computer to the office because my brother got his wisdom teeth taken out right after I did. I brought a movie to watch while he was in there, and then I just slept the whole time anyway - but not before taking this picture... which I have absolutely no memory of taking. 
Thank you for getting your wisdom teeth out with me. I was so scared. They hooked me up to a pulse monitor before the whole process started and I had a resting heart rate of 97. When the dentist came into the room it immediately jumped to 112. So thanks for being there that morning, and thanks for being here now for this Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter marathon. 

- girl with zero wisdom teeth and the best little brother ever


  1. I am so glad that your drugged stupor thinks of taking awesome pictures.


  2. Oh you little dumpling. This is hilarious! Love that picture. And I totally watched all the Lord of the Rings extended this Christmas vacation. Now we can discuss it!


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