Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Chicago.

Chris and I went out to Chicago to meet his brother’s family. I worked all week so I could take the weekend off, and it was such a great trip. All fun all the time. 
The weekend was filled with everything I hoped to re-experience: freezing cold, deep dish pizza, the L, Dunkin Donuts, seeing my childhood home, and going to my old church. I thought you looked familiar, but that’s probably less from childhood memories, probably more from Home Alone. Twenty-two years later, I have only a handful of memories from our time together. It was nice to make some very sweet new memories: little girl sleepovers, duckie towels, cello/piano concerts, the most delicious birthday cupcakes, and three days of laughter. I look forward to more memories together, Windy City. Hopefully next time my parents can come.

boo boo bear

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  1. Hey, when did you go to Dunkin Donuts? I totally got shafted! Did you guys do that without me?


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