Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Ethics Cookies,

cookie cake here.
Each week, my Professional Responsibility professor brings cookies and tea for everyone in the class. He does this because studies show that snacks “promote positive and efficient discussion in depositions.” I am the only second-year student in my class; everyone else is in their last semester of law school, and I thought I would be more comment averse. The point is: I know he brings these cookies to manipulate me into talking in class. I know he’s tricking my brain into being happy for that three-hour seminar. 

But it works, cookies.
It works every time.

- Little Cookie Monster


  1. This is super beautiful. But I can't help wondering how it is served. My grandma would go nuts over it, after accusing me of not sharing.

  2. You're teachers FEED you!? I knew I should have gone to law school.

  3. Seriously, is that really bacon on top of that mountain of goodness?

  4. Jealous your teacher feeds you every class period. I'd come to class just for the cookies- he's got college kids number down. ;)


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