Thursday, January 26, 2012


this is the jim rome. my favorite. 
Tonight when I approached the register, you laughed and said that I walked in like I owned the place. I blushed, “Um. Don’t you own this place?” At the end of the conversation you shook my hand and thanked me for being a regular. And I said it then, but I’d like to say it again: thank YOU, Ike Shehadeh. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and sandwich into my life. It was such a pleasure to meet you before I move next month. Of all the places in San Francisco I will miss, I will miss yours the most. 

- Jim Rome Recommender


  1. Confusion - please explain the move and law school. Thanks!

  2. YOU'RE MOVING!!??
    Also, I want that sandwich.


  3. people. she's getting married and moving to my new town - hurrah! Brit. seriously ike's is soooo good. seriously it is so so dang good. man. they make a good sandwich. I don't think I have actually tried the Jim Rome! next time (soon). did I mention that I agree that goshdangit ike's sandwiches are amazingly good?

  4. also. did you know there is an ike's on stanford campus?! yeah. let's go!

  5. please give us details on the whole moving thing. also you are invited to a baby shower and if you are going to be nearby i'd love to see you. :)

  6. Looks sooooo dang good! Love hardy sandwiches. Can't wait to see you next month on your big day- good luck getting everything ready until then. ;)


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