Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"shared items",

Since I pretended to see you last,
  • favorite Unhappy Hipster in recent memory.
  • putting paint onto a speaker, and then playing something really loud. awesome
  • this has been a great morning song for me the last few days. 
  • Whatever you're doing, make sure it cuts the mustard
  • I love Elie Saab. LOVE. So much that my wedding gown is inspired by his Spring 2011 collection. His Spring 2012 collection is also (as always) totally awesome.
  • I love projects like this. Every day she's designing one lake logo... for every single lake in Minnesota. Which is to say, I love projects that take almost 28 years to finish. Logo above found here


  1. I looooove that unhappy hipster. hilarious.

  2. Elie Saab. Yummy. I love his white spring. And I'm going to love your dress!!

  3. so many lakes! and so many logos! how does she do it?! i barely made it through the semester i had to create ONE logo. wowza.


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