Sunday, January 1, 2012

to 2012

Sometimes Chris is in a suit and Brittney is in muppet skin slippers + pajamas + a blazer. Sometimes (read: every single day) this is Brittney's go-to outfit. Sometimes Jess thinks that's funny and takes a picture. Sometimes the best way to start the new year is exactly the way you ended the last one.
I usually spend more time reflecting on the previous year:
making course corrections with my past mistakes in mind
(e.g. No More Swears in 2011).
but this December my thoughts were focused on the future,
and I have never been so pleased to welcome a new year,
so excited for what's ahead.

2012 enthusiast


  1. I'm excited for you future too! God speed my precious!

  2. where are your faces in that picture? :) please tell your mom I'd like some slippers too. hehe

  3. lovin' your outfit. where did you find such a fantastic blazer?
    here's to a kick-a 2012 (look, i'm doing well already)!


  4. Love the pic - Love the kids in the pic!


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