Saturday, February 11, 2012

For the people worried that I moved away from San Francisco:

me + my empty room in the Castro + a broom
I shouldn’t even say I moved away from San Francisco. I have a year left of school so I’ll be in the city all the time anyway, and a thirty-minute drive down 101 South barely feels like moving away... but in the city, a move down the peninsula might as well be a move to Brazil. And learning to speak Portuguese would be easier than learning to speak Programmer.

- non-programmer and Redwood City local


  1. come back to your other home in PA, please and thanks.

  2. a: you are so skinny and tall. like model (say that with an Asian accent).
    b: you moved?! new home tour immediately.

    seamini lye.

  3. Somehow this post makes me sad even though I know I'm leaving too. I loved that room so much. You can't beat that cute little fireplace! Can't wait for our rendezvous!

  4. The “art” on the wall of your new digs showing a pretty girl that has a long leg that extends from the wall on to the floor is just so typical SF it’s just amazing!

  5. You can do a lot worse than Redwood City.


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