Thursday, February 23, 2012


this A) right after my haircut and B) my panic face 
This afternoon you asked me how I was doing my hair for the wedding. I immediately descended into panic mode recalling that the last time I “did” my hair was in 2003, when I straightened it (I had a perm at the time) for a Sadie Hawkins dance. The point is, after I left your salon, I made a few phone calls, got some recommendations, and a very nice lady is now going to Beachy Curl my hair the morning of my wedding. Thanks for thinking to ask. You’re the best, see you when I get back.

- the girl with an incredibly low maintenance hair plan


  1. I literally had a dream about this last night.
    We were all hanging out on Friday night, and I asked everyone how they were doing their hair so I could follow suit. Naturally, Page was getting hers done up the next morning, and we all had plans to get mani/pedis (even though I don't know WHEN we'd plan to do that individually between Friday night and Saturday morning). And you hadn't made appointments for either and I felt like the worst friend in the world for not hooking you up in that department. So I'm glad Gustavo took care of it, because I would have failed.
    In other news, I'm almost halfway done with my dress... hence my lack of internet presence.

    rodiss useral

  2. Gustavo would be proud!!!

    3 days! So excited. Love you!

  3. I'm so sad I won't be seeing Beachy Curl in person! We send our love and good wedding luck this weekend. I think Jake already mentioned it, but my sister and her husband know your fiancee from the Stanford Ward, and they still live in Palo Alto, so we'll have to have a little get-together soon! Happy wedding week. :)

  4. It's a great cut. Really perfect for you. Simple and elegant despite the face that looks ready to enter a roller derby.


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