Monday, March 26, 2012


This is Chris pointing to The Best Donut [He's] Ever Had. While we were at Bob's, I ran into a friend who I had promised to give my favorite (old) neighborhood restaurants to. I thought I would pass it along because this list is seriously solidfreakinggold. 

Here are my favorite places to eat in the neighborhood. Sorry it took so long for me to get this to you! With the exception of the deep-dish pizza, all of these are within walking distance:

  • Sandwiches: Listed first because I love it beyond measure, Ike's Place. My favorite is the Jim Rome (roasted turkey, red pesto, avocado, cheddar).
  • Indian: Pakwan is the best Indian I’ve had in America, possibly ever. I love the chicken tikka masala (but we don't really like the chicken...) and always get it with a couple potato naan. NB: they’re cash only.
  • Pizza: I love the Alamo calzone (bbq chicken, pineapple, tomatoes, cheese) at Deja Vu. As far as Chicago-Style pizza, we LOVE Patxi's, but SF locals usually feel loyal to Little Star. Also, I haven’t tried it, but the East Bay supports Zackary’s.
  • French: L'Ardoise is this little place on Noe run by a couple French guys, and they keep a seasonal menu. Adorable.
  • Tacos: 1) Little Chihuahua has my favorite carne asada taco; it's a thicker cut steak, but it's nice and spicy. 2) The fish tacos at La Fajita were my most cherished comfort food.
  • Desserts: 1) the pecan pie sundae at Super Duper is a personal favorite because it was given to me as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift from the manager during my first week of school. 2) The Creme Brulee truck that comes to Market and Castro usually has some fun flavors. 3) At Eureka, they have a half-baked brownie with ice cream, and it's good. Real good.
Glad you're liking the city, hope to run into you again soon,

- britt


  1. You have lived a well-cultured-food life! When I'm in SF I think I'll have to take this list with me. ;)

  2. chi-hooa-hooa is my fave. and so is l'ardoise. yay. yayayaya i just love food so much this makes me warm inside.


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