Wednesday, March 7, 2012

to "stereotypes"

this was one of our last adventure trips around the island: an ancient fishing village. 
When we walked up to Mauna Loa volcano, Chris stared in awe and said, “I just want to run down there. With an ax.” And I contemplated boy-ness. Later that same day I literally (literally) cried over how delicious my mahi-mahi was. And I pondered girl-ness. There are many ways in which we don't subscribe to traditional gender roles or stereotypes, but we really hit you on the head today.

- weepie


  1. I love that you cried over mahi mahi.

  2. I agree with Chris. I want to see more pictures of you in Hawaii!

    Also, I'm dying to try that mahi mahi now. I had some AMAZING halibut in Alaska, and I was pregnant, and it didn't bring me to tears. So that must have been some damn good fish.

    initsrea sizeroh
    scpro galta


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