Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Night Classes,

Least favorite part of Monday = night class. Most favorite part of Monday = emails from my brother living in Madagascar. This is a picture of Sammy in Antananarivo with my cousin, Alisha, who served in the same mission a few years ago and visited this week.

I’m never taking another night class again. Ever. Not in a million years. Do you hear me, 6:30 to 9:30 classes? I don’t care if you have the coolest classes or best teachers; you’ve seen the last of my charm and good looks. It’s over.

- daytime student, committed to daytime classes, forever


  1. Night classes are the worst. I have two and unfortunately it's basically the same class (same professor), so my motivation to attend is non-existant. Yet I still go...sigh...

  2. I'm so flattered that our pic ended up on your blog.
    How cool are we?!?!

    Ps. I agree -- night classes bite.

  3. Way cool Alisha ran into Sam or if it was planned- whatever real cool. And I completely agree- never, ever, take night classes!

  4. A brother in Madagascar? How awesome! I only took one night class in college, and I definitely did not love.


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