Wednesday, May 16, 2012

to the legions of people who had to write law school exams by hand, before everyone had their own computer -

Five minutes before the scheduled start of my last exam, the registrar walked into our classroom with stacks of bluebooks and said, “Because we can’t get the internet up, you must all handwrite your exams.” I thought it was a joke and agreed to their terms only if, in addition to the bluebook, they provided a hacky sac, a boy band mix tape, and if the word “rad” could be included as many times as I wanted. Nobody was amused, and I spent three and a half hours writing down everything I knew about Corporate law, and the subsequent three and a half weeks hating the registrar's office.

- Brittney Perry, class of 1995 2013


  1. honey. you are the funniest person on the planet.

  2. Hahaha! Did you get a hand cramp? I mean, we just aren't raised to deal with these types of challenges anymore.

  3. That is the worst thing ever. Not that you had to hand write your exam (although that's pretty terrible) but that nobody liked your 1990s jokes.

    And seriously, they couldn't get the internet working??? What ARE those IT people doing??

  4. ok, I get that I was an engineering student, but still, I hand wrote all my exams, many of them in blue books. Am I really that old? class of 2005? dang it.


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