Monday, May 28, 2012

To the Salt Flats:

Picture from Harper's Bazaar shoot.

I was pretty sure that the first time I visited you, it would be for a Ralph Lauren advertising campaign. I would be a fabulous model, there would be a lot of yelling in French, and I’d have my own personal team of hair and makeup people. In reality, Chris and I were driving back to California and I had a pretty harrowing case of food poisoning. It ended up being more like a set for a zombie movie, not where I play the hero/zombie killer’s love sexy love interest, but where I am one of the actual zombies and no hair and makeup team is necessary.

- zombie 2


  1. you are so hilarious. i love it. but i'm sorry you were sick. no bueno. :(

  2. Haha! Ralph Lauren wouldn't chose anyone but the best for his models! I'm sure he wouldn't mind the zombie look at all, really!

  3. Feeling better? So great seeing you guys! You made my month!


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