Monday, June 18, 2012

My Good Sir -

This is Chris in Atherton. Chris was literally saying, "I hate this," when I took this picture. 
Sometimes Chris and I go running together. I run as fast as I possibly can, and Chris walks next to me. We go to the gym, on trails in Mountain View, around our own neighborhood, and sometimes we’ll run through Atherton, the second most expensive zip code in the United States. I don’t know exactly why, but as we pass the many, multi-million dollar estates, we whisper in British accents. “Oh yes, darling, I would like a bit of gorgonzola. How delightful you are. Cheers.”

fancy-pants Perrys


  1. You guys are so posh. And fit! Good golly, Adam and I would never run together because about 2 minutes in we'd look at each other and say "We hate this. Let's be fat instead. Want some ice cream?"

  2. "ah, but darling, didn't you know that gorgonzola is the poor man's roquefort?" sniff

    I love you guys

  3. like you and chris and KT's comment :) loverly, really.

  4. Love it!!

    Ps. Did you get my fb message? I'm trying to get ahold of you...

  5. brad won't run with me because he'd be walking too... and i'd be running so hard i'd probably be crying.

    but that bonnie... she's always been so smart... i might have to start that one...

  6. man, i love this. all of it. you guys are the best.


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