Saturday, June 2, 2012

to Freedom:

Filoli is a 1917 county house (read: mansion) with pretty extensive gardens. A huge rose garden, orchards, meadows, forests, bowling greens, it's awesome. Chris' favorite part was the knot garden (i.e. the plants are all woven around each other). Grandma: we are going there, you will love it.
I'm pretty sure this was the first "free weekend" I've had since Billy was hero. Around 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, I started talking about how I wanted to go to Filoli sometime. Chris looked at his watch and said, "Oh, we could go now! Do you want to go now?!" And - if you can believe it - right that second, we got in the truck, and we went; and that's what I think freedom is. 

- happy (summer) camper

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  1. I love places like this. And your freedom sounds like the most magical thing in the world.


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